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Dust storm reporter: Phoenix reporter gets caught in dust storm on air

In a surprising new video a Phoenix television reporter got caught in a bad dust storm while trying to film. She handles it okay but this obviously wasn't the day that she had planned at work. On Saturday, MSN shared the news about what happened and how she stood her ground. You can check it out on the video on this page.

The clip lasts for about one minute. You cannot even see her because of the wind and dirt. The reporter spoke out saying, "We are feeling that wind really start to kick up now. This thing has got some speed. I can barely see my photographer and I am standing no more than an arm's length away from him."

This all went down in Phoenix, Arizona for reporter Jaime Cerreta. She handled it all very well though. Some women out there would have flipped out at the idea that their hair was messed up and that things were not going as planned. She kept talking and was able to not freak out totally during the filming even though a dust storm was all over the place.

The Arizona dust storm was so bad that some people had to spend time inside that day to get rid of it. The storm lasted for several hours and a few flights were unable to leave from the airport because it got so bad. The two people that Jaime Cerreta was trying to interview rushed off to get away from the wind while she stayed behind and handled it like a champ. Make sure that you watch the video on this page to see how it went for her. This is one thing a lot of people would never want to deal with at all if they had their choice.

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