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During times of emergencies, Arkansans will have means of self-defense

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Thursday, February 24th, the Arkansas House of Representatives passed SB115, sending this legislation to the desk of Governor Mike Beebe. SB115, sponsored by Senator Bill Sample and Representative Loy Mauch, received a unanimous 89-0 vote from the floor of the House. I blogged about it here, yesterday.

Liberal Little Rock gun-haters were not too pleased.

They recognize the writing on the wall with this piece of legislation, and they have no ammunition to fight back against it. Heck, they don’t even have the soldiers. Eleven representatives failed to vote on this bill, and they backed out for three reasons; governments sometime turn into tyrants when emergencies are declared, governments sometime fail to protect citizens during times of emergencies, and governments are never required to protect the citizens. None of the liberal legislators wanted to be on record as opposing this legislation, not after the aftermath of the L.A. riots and Hurricane Katrina. I wrote about this terrible problem here.

Eleven legislators did not vote; six were shown as “non-voting”, three voted “present”, and two were not present. Modern liberals like Greg Leding, D-Fayetteville, are staying out of the firearms legislation fight and picking battles that concerns his convictions, not the party line.

Senate Bill 115 will prevent local governments from disarming the people of this state when they need Second Amendment affirmation the most. How much of a no-brainer is this? If you can’t wrap your arms around this legislation, try and remember what happened to Reginald Denny in Los Angeles in the sidebar video.


  • Profile picture of Tommy Tabler
    Tommy Tabler 3 years ago

    Your a great writier. I suscribed to your columns and I hope you will do the same with mine. I greatly enjoy your take on the rights of the gunowner. Thank you

  • Whitney 3 years ago

    I the MSM showed the first 5 minutes of tape with regard to the Rodney King beating Reginald Denny would never have been hurt. I lived in Long Beach during this time and can definatively say you are on your own during thes times of crisis, and you damn well better be prepared.

  • Profile picture of Grandpa Smith
    Grandpa Smith 3 years ago

    Steve this is a step in the right direction! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Profile picture of Grandpa Smith
    Grandpa Smith 3 years ago

    Steve this is a step in the right direction! Thanks for keeping us informed.



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