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During Benghazi attack Obama was off somewhere picking his nose

Democrats become hysterical as Republicans open full investigation into the Benghazi slaughter of four Americans.  Calling it propaganda, liberals and the media go to extremes to cover-up and conceal Obama's betrayal.
Democrats become hysterical as Republicans open full investigation into the Benghazi slaughter of four Americans. Calling it propaganda, liberals and the media go to extremes to cover-up and conceal Obama's betrayal.
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Democrats saying conservatives are a delusional minority when one of their own who was in the Situation Room, Tommy Veitor, in an apparent attempt to embarrass Bret Baier and denounce Republicans questions about why the president didn’t order a rescue, admitted that Obama was never in the Situation Room watching the drone images when our embassy was under attack. He foolishly thought he was poking Republicans in the eye until Bret focused on Obama's absence. Realizing how deeply he had stepped in it, he tried to crawfish, but the truth is out.

The only attention Obama paid to the attack was to tell rescue forces to stand down before wandering off to scratch his behind. What we know of the attack is more damning of his negligence and suggestive of his complicity. For example, we know:

  • After the Libyan government was overthrown by Islamist forces with the help of Obama, the U.S. embassy was ordered to stay despite all other foreign embassies leaving, but its security was removed.
  • Ambassador Stevens made multiple requests for weeks asking for security to be beefed up well before that deadly September 11 attack.
  • This was not a demonstration gone wild over a video but a prepared assault with heavy weapons.
  • We had a drone over the embassy within an hour of the outbreak of the assault.
  • Navy SEALS Woods and Doherty were at the annex and asked if they should go to the sound of the guns and aid those in the embassy. They were told to stand down, but ignored the order and went anyway.
  • They took position on the roof of the embassy at a machine gun to hold off the attackers. Many of the staff had been wounded, one, Sean Smith, mortally.
  • The staff was evacuated under covering fire by Woods and Doherty. Ambassador Stevens stayed behind with the dying staff member who was too badly injured to move.
  • The embassy caught fire. Ambassador Stevens did not leave Smith’s side and died of smoke inhalation.
  • On the roof, Woods and Doherty were using lasers to target enemy positions and were calling for an airstrike. They knew that American fighters were within an hour of their location.
  • Command ordered them repeatedly to stand down as those were the only orders given by the Commander-in-Chief.
  • Some eight hours into the attack a mortar round struck and killed the two SEALS. The compound was taken and Amb. Stevens’ body found.
  • Some of the terrorists dragged Stevens’ body through the streets to a hospital to try to revive him. They were later called “heroes” by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • A foreign journalist talked to some of the attackers who said they were going to capture the ambassador and his staff to use as hostages. They wanted to negotiate for the release of the Blind Sheik who is in prison in the U.S. for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. They were upset they lost their prize.
  • Obama and Rice told the world that the attack was because of a video they falsely portrayed as anti-Muslim, but which was an accurate biography of Muhammad that did not mock him (though it did have poor actors).
  • Obama pointedly does not call it a terrorist attack until the 2nd presidential debate when he lies about what he said the day after the attack and is backed up by the debate moderator who admits the next day she lied.
  • Hillary Clinton goes before a Senate committee and shouts that four Americans are dead because of a random attack, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
  • Democrats declare that they answered all questions about Benghazi when no answers have been given.
  • Obama says he knew what was going on in the Situation Room and the drone surveillance. He claims there was no help available to send them and the situation was iffy.
  • Tommy Veitor reveals that Obama never set foot in the Situation Room, then tries to cover for his absence.

Democrats have been stonewalling the investigation of this attack from the start, beginning with declaring that a video about Muhammad’s life, that they claimed was insulting to Islam, sparked the attack. (A review of this video that had less than a hundred hits a week after the attack revealed it to be an accurate account of Muhammad. The only mockery was of modern U.N. peacekeeping forces in the Middle East that have been allowing Christians to be slaughtered by Islamists.)

Hearings and questioning Democrats who, like the president, lie about everything with a smile because they know they can get away with murder, are for sh*t. No one answers questions, they just deny and obfuscate. Democrats on the committee will only have one goal, to sabotage the investigation.

For a real exposé of the truth the government should release the videos from the Situation Room from which Obama was absent for the nine hours the attack took place. They should release the communications with Woods and Doherty who were left to die. This is not just a scandal. American was invaded just as if Al-Qaeda had crossed our borders and raised the Jihadist flag on American soil.

Whether or not the truth comes out in this travesty, one fact is perfectly clear. The President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, took no action to aid the embassy but did just the opposite. His indifference during the attack and subsequent cover-up speak to more than just an error in judgment.

Democrats cry this is a partisan hack job by Republicans and a “delusional minority” driving them. The evidence at hand points to complicity on the part of Democrats to aid and abet our enemies. What patriotic American would not want to get to the bottom of this unless he is the one who would be exposed as a traitor?

Benghazi – from delusion to damnation, from heroism to betrayal

Can anyone answer what Obama was doing during those nine hours that he wasn’t in the Situation Room monitoring a desperate situation as Al-Qaeda invaded America? What orders did he give? Or are we supposed to believe he sat around picking his nose while generals told him we had no forces anywhere in Europe, North Africa, or the Mediterranean that could do any more than scratch their arse?

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