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Durham NC HIV and work

Working is something we all strive to do whether it be for self worth or monetary we all seek employment at so HIV some time. Having HIV can make work appear to be an impossibility. Depending on a persons status whether they have HIV or AIDS work may or may not be an issue. Many folks work whole carrying the virus without ever knowing they are infected. It is only when the person gets sick and is tested that AIDS or HIV infection becomes known. It is estimated that up to a quarter of the people in the United States are carriers of the virus and are not aware of it. This in itself is disheartening seeing that eventually without being tested these people will eventually become diagnosed with AIDS.

In Durham NC as well as many other cities and states HIV awareness programs have sprouted up encouraging people to get tested for HIV. Regardless of the information HIV rates continue to rise. This illnes ruins lives, productivity and quality of lives of the people infected and their families. In Durham where there is a high rate of unemployment HIV rates climb dramatically. There are services for those who are HIV positive such as help with disability claims, food, clothing and counselling. The VA is the largest provider of medications for HIV patients and the ADAP program helps those with no insurance. The triangle of Raleigh NC continues its efforts in finding a cure or vaccine to erradicate this illness.


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