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Durham HIV testing available but not always free

Get tested
Get tested

Getting tested for hiv can be scary. Donating blood can be scary too for anyone but HIV is a disease that most people dread. By doing some research Ive found that HIV positive people are considered the NEW lepers. Leprosy is a horrible disease which disfigures a persons features and they resemble something thats not pleasant to look at. With this also comes stigma, which is a socially destructive way of treating an individual and creates hardships for the person both socially and economically. It is also prevelant in views towards those with HIV. HIV positives face discrimination in job loss, housing discrimination and social isolation. Many of these people take their own life or consider suicide due to the pressures of their sometimes hostile environment.

Life in general is difficult, people keep to themselves, gossip about others and live in constant competition. An HIV positive person must endure surviving in a competitive world and at the same time have their health as a number one priority. HIV can weaken an immune system, cause cognitive damage and make a person feel like their is no hope. This may seem dreary but this is what can happen by not getting tested for HIV before an illness sets in. A person can live 10 years with the virus and not know it like me. I completed a 4 year college and recieved my degree not knowing I was HIV positive. Once I got sick I knew I had it , in fact I had AIDS. Not fun. Testing is important for everyone who is sexually active regardless of age. In Durham NC I found quite a few anonomous rapid testing clinics within a 5 mile radius,

Care Incorporate

Rapid HIV Testing


214 Broadway St
Durham, North Carolina 27701

This is a location that offers free HIV testing and rapid oral swab testing. Here is a link to more resources.


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