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Duo props-up corpse of overdosed friend, take selfies to post on Facebook

Man dead from overdose propped up and friends pose for selfie, then post the pictures on Facebook after dumping the body.
Wikimedia Commons

When a guy died of a drug overdose, his meth-using friends weren’t too sure what to do. What happens next opens a window for you into the minds of people strung out on those horrible street drugs and while this trio is from Missouri, it is happening in towns and cities all over the U.S.A. today.

According to the Filipino Times on Sept. 1, Chelsie Berry, 24, was with “hanging out” with 3o-year-old Dennis Meyer when he started to act crazy after injecting himself with Dilaudid, which is a powerful prescription pain killer. It is a drug that is very similar to morphine.

Meyer passed out in the car and she became nervous and called another drug-using pal, Jared Prier, 28. The two met at McDonald’s parking lot and they drove to a convenience store with Meyer in the front seat of the car, reports the Huffington Post.

Meyer didn’t appear to be breathing and because they were so strung out on drugs themselves, they were afraid to get him help by bringing him to a hospital. After a while, Meyer’s body started to smell bad, so they bundled him up and put him in the back seat.

The two decided to dump his body in a deserted area, but not before they propped him up long enough to capture a few selfies of the three together for the last time. They then took Meyer to a desolate area and pushed him out of the car.

When the two were done, they posted the pictures to Facebook, their last photos of the three of them together. The police were quickly alerted to this guy’s body because his good friends just dumped him without making too much attempt to conceal the body.

Cops incorporated the help of Facebook users to point out these two people who were seen on the social website with a dead body. The cops were tipped off to the duo’s identity and they were arrested.

Both are charged with manslaughter because they opted not to get Meyer help and they are also charged for dumping a dead body off on the side of the road. This is a window into the stunted minds that conjure up skewed ideas because of the drugs.

Drugs were more important than a human life in this case. How sad!

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