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Duo pose for a Facebook 'selfie' with dead friend after he dies from an overdose

So what does a couple do after a friend dies of a drug overdose? If you said call the authorities, you would be wrong. On Friday, The New York Daily News reported that Missouri police charged Chelsie Berry, 24, and Jerred Prier, 28, with abandonment of a corpse. After their friend passed out, the duo posed for a “selfie” with their dead friend. Afterward, they dumped him alongside a deserted road.

Chelsie Berry posed for a "selfie" with a dead friend and posted the picture on Facebook.
The New York Daily News FB page

Berry then posted the picture on Facebook. She told authorities she was driving with Dennis Meyer. She said he began acting erratic and pulled out his penis after injecting himself with a painkiller called Dilaudid. describes Dilaudid as a narcotic that relieves pain by stimulating the way the brain reacts to pain. Its generic name is Hydromorphone HCL.

Meyer said she then picked up Prier because she felt uncomfortable with Meyer. The trio sat in a fast food restaurant parking lot. Prier and Berry said that Meyer eventually stopped breathing and passed out. The duo did not take Meyer to the hospital or call authorities because they were high on Xanax and Meth. They said they looked for a place to dump the body after they became tired of looking at the corpse. They also said Meyer’s body began to smell bad.

Police also report that Meyer and Prier had an affiliation with a street gang called the Joplin Honkies. The coroner who conducted the autopsy said Meyer would have had feint breathing and would have taken awhile to die. A copy of the sheriff’s affidavit can be viewed on the Smoking Gun website.

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