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Duo Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt gearing up for debut album with new single

Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin debut duo album, For Keeps; releasing in May
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Announced on March 24 from Red House, their artists Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt, both acclaimed singer-songwriters, have joined together to debut their debut album, For Keeps. The album will be released on May 13, 2014 and they have released two new tracks from the album premiering at American Songwriter; "Two White Clouds," with vocals by Danny, and "Echo in the Hills," featuring Carrie's take on the Echo and Narcissus myth. Carrie's vocals have quite a range, passionate to riveting, similar to that of Patti Griffith, and Danny is very much the storyteller, in comparison with Leonard Cohen. They both are very strong and captivating songwriters, who know how to hum and create the write melodies to keep listeners in tune.

The duo came together after touring together in 2012, and new songs erupted during that time, and they felt their was a strong and cohesive bond to write songs and sing them together. The duo complement each other well while singing on life and love, from each other's perspective. The album is a compilation of "sharing songs, alternating perspectives on the subject of relationship, with each joining the other in harmony."

For Keeps is an intriguing, honest peek into the dialogue of a couple, lending perspectives on community and friendship, on communication, on building a life together, on marriage, on fertility, on difficult times together and on the easy-loving ones "It's the stuff we all talk about, or all don't talk about, but should," Danny says. For Keeps gives us a seat at the table for these meaningful conversations.

The record and the relationship follow parallel narrative arcs, with Danny and Carrie tying together their artistic and personal lives, with the album release coinciding with their upcoming wedding in October 2014. The song "Kiss Me Now," in fact, was Danny's proposal to Carrie from last year's SXSW Musical Festival when they both performed. Fast forward a year to For Keeps, a thought-provoking celebration of love and the cycle of life.

Danny and Carrie will be touring the US and abroad as a duo in 2014-2015, and are currently touring as the musical guests for the sold-out "Welcome to Night Vale" live tour.

Track Listing:

1. Two White Clouds
2. Echo In The Hills
3. Kiss Me Now
4. Company Of Friends
5. Swing From A Note
6. Took It Like a Man
7. Sky Picked Blue
8. Longing Moves The Ocean
9. If I Need To Know
10. Girl In The Woods

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