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Dunphy home from 'Modern Family' goes up for sale in California

For just a cool $2.35 million, you can move your own 'modern family' into a house featured on the ABC hit. Perhaps Phil can help get you a deal!

According to The Huffington Post on Friday, the home belonging to Phil and Claire Dunphy and their three children on Modern Family is officially on the market. The exterior home, anyway, as interior scenes are done on a soundstage built to mimic the layout of the house. Located in the Cheviot Hills neighborhood on the west side of Los Angeles, the four-bedroom home clocks in at 2,792 square feet.

Paul Chiames, the current owner, purchased the home in 2006 for $1.97 million and has said that he gets visitors from all over the world who come to take a look at the place. He receives a fee each time the show uses the exterior for a shoot and the new owner will have the opportunity to continue the agreement if desired.

The whole thing's reminiscent of Fran and Louie Padilla, who own the Albuquerque home that served as thee exterior of Walt White's house on Breaking Bad. That house was also used only for exterior shots as well (Fran says her decor isn't 'hideous' like the show's), but that hasn't stopped hundreds of fans flocking to town every month to get a glimpse of it. Right before the series finale in September, the couple told TMZ that they never want to sell the place, which has been their home since 1973.

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