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Dunkin' Donuts' Eggs Benedict Sandwich

The new sandwich at Dunkin' Donuts is called The Eggs Benedict Sandwich. Dunkin' Donuts' idea behind this sandwich is that it's something portable and non-messy. It's a winner on both of those counts. Now for the bad news. The sandwich is not made with poached eggs. It is not made with hollandaise sauce. There is no Canadian bacon, though black forest ham is not a terrible substitute. There is pepper. There is an English muffin.

A new egg sandwich is now being served...!
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The only time I tried an egg sandwich at Dunkin' Donuts was a couple of years back. On that one occasion I asked for black pepper to put on the sandwich to which the clerk replied, " ...sorry, we don't have pepper". The egg used on this new sandwich seems to be laced with black pepper in it's pre-fabricated state in which it shows up at the stores.

Calling this sandwich eggs benedict is appalling. The use of the word "hollandaise" as an adjective, in the description, is equally appalling. Hollandaise sauce is made with eggs yolks, lemon juice, and butter. It takes precision and great care to make correctly. There is no hollandaise sauce here. It's actually cream cheese folks! So the new sandwich is actually an over-processed egg (over-cooked may be too kind), with black forest ham, served with a cream cheese spread on an English muffin.

Bottom line: I don't need to actually taste the Dunkin' Donuts eggs benedict sandwich to express to everyone how much I dislike it. The dislike goes equally for the new sandwich, the old sandwiches, all the hype, the idea that they call themselves a restaurant, and all the TV commercials which declare that "America runs on Dunkin'". I dislike almost everything they sell and this sandwich even more because of the audacity it takes to mislabel it the way they do. Maybe I should go work for them and then I could have titled this article, "Hamlet"!

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