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Dunkin' Donuts carbon monoxide: EMT alarm sounds while sipping his 4 a.m. coffee

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An EMT who walked into a Dunkin' Donuts shop around 4 a.m. for a morning cup of coffee on Friday happened to be wearing his carbon monoxide detector. Luckily he was because it sounded its alarm indicating that the store was filled with dangerous levels of the odorless gas, according to ABC News on June 1.

The EMT staff was just looking for a cup of coffee and during that hour of the morning anyone would need a bit of help waking up. The detector indicated high levels of the carbon monoxide, so the EMT went from coffee drinking customer to civil servant and emptied out the store in Carle Place, New York, reports The Republic today.

The colorless and odorless gas doesn't offer warnings as it fills a room. The customers were probably not in the store long enough to feel the effects of the gas, but the employees would have been in great danger if they hadn't high-tailed it out the door.

The EMT called the authorities and an investigation showed that it was coming from one of the vents in the store's ovens. Luckily the Nassau County EMT picked the Dunkin' Donuts at 202 Glen Cove Road to grab his morning coffee because he was able to divert impending disaster, suggests the Port Washington Patch today.

The level that the EMT read off his meter was -35 parts per million of carbon monoxide, which was confirmed by the Carle Place Fire Department, who responded to the call. Police did not release the EMT's name who was the real hero for all the coffee drinkers in the wee hours of the morning Friday in that shop!

While there were no injuries from this incident, a carbon monoxide leak in a store, even a busy store can be dangerous. It was back in February when a restaurant manager died and more than two dozen people were hospitalized from a carbon monoxide leak. That poisoning event happened in Huntington Station.