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Dungy guilty of violating the 11th Commandment

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy attends a press conference at National Urban League
Former NFL coach Tony Dungy attends a press conference at National Urban League
Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Retired National Football League coach and sports analyst Tony Dungy is under fire for comments he made about Michael Sam, according to a July 21 article in NBC Sports. Dungy remarked that he would not have drafted Sam because it would be too much of a distraction. Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Dungy later stated that his comments had nothing to do with Sam’s sexuality; but had to do with the media coverage of Sam.

Tony Dungy is one of the most respected men in sports. In 2007, Dungy became only the second African American to coach in the Super Bowl and the first to win one; according to Wikipedia. Dungy is possibly best known for his mentoring program, called Mentors for Life, and his work as a spokesperson for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. In 2005, Dungy’s son James was found dead in his apartment. The cause of death was ruled to be suicide.

Dungy’s comments, while clearly not inflammatory or mean spirited, is a reminder of a scripture in the Bible that simply says: “Let not then your good be evil spoken of.” That scripture is sometimes referred to as the 11th Commandment. It means that you must be careful of what you say and do, and make sure it cannot be twisted and turned and made to sound evil.

100 Chicagoans of all religions were asked if Tony Dungy’s comments were wrong. None of the respondents felt that Dungy’s comments were wrong in any way. However, over 70% of the respondents felt that the comment was disappointing; because the comment came from Dungy.

Human sexuality is a very polarizing subject. For some, anything short of full support or understanding is met with outcries of homophobia or intolerance. For others, understanding and respect seem to be unreachable. Should this topic be discussed in a public forum?