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Dumplings with GOC

At the dinner of eight household
At the dinner of eight household

I was invited to a dinner of eight by UCLA's Grace on Campus students, and when I heard homemade dumplings were on the menu, I went to this semi-annual event to see how they were made...

Wes and Jackie preparing dumplings

Three of the students, Jackie, Alex and Wes were in charge of the cooking, and I observed as they directed the other students in helping prepare the dumplings.

The Ingredients

  • wonton wrappers
  • ground chicken/ground pork
  • diced leeks
  • garlic
  • salt
  • egg white


After I watched the students get the dumplings ready, I headed to the kitchen, and was met by Jackie, who was in charge of boling the dumplings. She had a large pot of boiling with water and chicken bones, to create a broth for the dumplings which she said added flavor to them. She then took the dumplings that were filled with the ingredients, and sealed with the egg white, and placed them in the pot and cooked them for about ten minutes. She removed them and let them cool for a few minutes, and then served them.

They were delicious, and were cooked perfectly, with the noodle part not too hard or too soft. I also enjoyed the slight crunch from the leeks as well...

That was not the only food on the menu as chicken katsu, asparagus, homemade taro tapioca, and homemade cookies were served as well.

In this fast paced, less and less students know how to cook, much less make a meal, so it was refreshing to see there are still some younger generation individuals who can prepare a meal!


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