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"Dump" together this cake

For an easy-to-make dessert for the spring and summer, try "Dump Cake"!
For an easy-to-make dessert for the spring and summer, try "Dump Cake"!

As the years come and go, recipes seem to run in "cycles". Whenever a new recipe comes out, everyone becomes intrigued by it and wants to try it. If it's a really good recipe, it makes the rounds among cooks far and wide and everybody is making it! It's been like this for years and I've found that some of the best recipes are those "cycle" recipes, becoming a permanent part of our recipe files.

The recipe I have for you is one of those recipes from the late 1960's that made the rounds with cooks everywhere. It's a recipe that ANYBODY can make, it's so easy! The recipe, "Dump Cake", is just what the recipe says as far as preparing it goes: you just open the packages, layer the ingredients and bake it. It's as easy as that! It's a recipe that's simply divine for something that's this easy to make.

The recipe calls for a can of cherry pie filling, but you can use any flavor of fruit-based pie filling you like. It would also be especially good with strawberry or blueberry pie fillings. The recipe also calls for coconut and chopped pecans. These are optional ingredients, though I like to add them. They seem to add a lot of flavor and texture to the cake, but they can be omitted, if you prefer.

The recipe also calls for melted butter. If you'd rather, you could slice the cold butter into pats and lace it around the top of the pecans to save you from having to melt it. Whichever way you prefer to do it works fine.

While the cake is wonderful warm from the oven served plain, it's even better when topped with whipped cream or ice cream! It seems to be the very crowning glory to the rich dessert. By the way, try keeping the servings minimal. I realize that this is hard to do, but this is a rich dessert! It will be a sensation to serve with homemade ice cream this summer.

Speaking of recipes that run in cycles, I did a story last year about the famous "Watergate Cake" that was wildly popular in the early 1970's, along with a recipe for "Watergate Salad". To get these recipes, just follow this link:

Need a fast and easy dessert? Just follow this recipe and you'll be good to go!


  • 1 can cherry pie filling
  • 1 can (20 oz.) crushed pineapple, not drained
  • 1 pkg. yellow cake mix
  • 1-1/3 cups flaked coconut (1/2 of a 7 oz. bag) (optional)
  • 1 cup chopped pecans (optional)
  • 2 sticks butter, melted

Using a 9x13 inch pan, layer the ingredients in the pan in the order listed, ending with the butter. DO NOT stir or mix the layers. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Serve warm with whipped cream or ice cream. Yield: about 8 servings.

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