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Dumbing us Down

This posting appeared recently on the Denver Craigslist website and it should really resonate with all professional photographers out there.

"Why is it that we've come to a place in our industry that people think they're doing PHOTOGRAPHERS a favor if they allow us to use their photos and spread the word? If someone fixed your sink well (and you paid for it accordingly) wouldn't you tell your friends anyways? Where did we start getting the idea that photographers need permission to display photographs of their own artwork and that a good experience wouldn't sell itself?"

As professional photographers, we are all struggling to make ends meat. Not only are we competing with 10$ studios inside of Target, but we have a market saturated with affordable DSLR cameras and every single mother or father out there who believes they have what it takes to take a professional photo.

Give yourself more credit! Get the education you need to show others you are different. Print photographs through labs only accessible to professionals. Be legitimate through professional organizations, licensing and insurance. Above all, don't sell your work for nothing. You are an artist, you have what it takes to be amazing. Giving someone a CD for 50$ and walking away not only hurts you, but it hurts everyone else in the industry.


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