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2014 Winter Olympics

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Dumbest Olympic moment? Athlete celebrates winning early; almost misses gold

Premature Olympic celebration creates photo finish Olympic moment
Premature Olympic celebration creates photo finish Olympic moment
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The Olympic events continued on Tuesday with a 15K biathlon race that ended in a photo finish, but it didn't have to be that way. In a move that some are shocked to see in Olympic competition, it appears that one Olympic athlete celebrated his joyous win before he won. Sound confusing? Well it might be the dumbest move seen at the Sochi Olympics so far. According to the New York Times on Tuesday, the moment of winning was between Emil Hegle Svendsen of Norway and Martin Fourcade of France. Sounds simple enough to go past the finish line in the snow and be a winner? Not exactly.

It seems that some Olympic athletes can not wait to party. Apparently Emil Hegle Svendsen stopped to celebrate instead of pushing all the way past the finish line. However in a split second it seemed that maybe Martin Fourcade might have crossed the line first. The athlete made an intense effort at the end to win and he could have won with that last second push. In what was a photo finish moment, the judges determined that Emil Hegle Svendsen did cross the line first. Oddly it was so close, but the gold medal winner made an assumption that he won and put his hands up in the air basically stopping his momentum to get past the finish point.

Even the photo finish picture is odd looking. One athlete is leaning in with all his strength to get past the finish point and the other is about the same distance with his hands in the air celebrating. This foolish move almost took the gold from Emil Hegle Svendsen. Is this the dumbest Olympic moment in Sochi? Well, there might be a few other not so smart moments too, but this should definitely be nominated as it almost cost Svendsen the Olympic gold.