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Dumb Starbucks shut down by Los Angeles County Health Department

The appearance of the Dumb Starbucks in LA's Los Feliz neighborhood has generated a ton of coverage and social media buzz since it mysteriously popped up, and today the Los Angeles County Health Department made a move to shut down the operation.

According to the LA Times, the faux cafe was shut down for not having a health permit and closed on Monday evening as customers waited in a line around the block.

The shop opened over the weekend and caught just about everyone's attention for its identical appearance to the famed Seattle chain except for the word "dumb" placed before the name and all menu items. People behind the stunt claimed that using the chain's name and logo was legit thanks to parody law.

Starbucks also responded to the mocking establishment on Monday, saying it is looking into how it should proceed.

"We are evaluating next steps and while we appreciate the humor, they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark," the company said in a written statement.

Further, it has now been revealed that Comedy Central comedian Nathan Fielder is the mystery man behind this elaborate piece of "parody art." Fielder is the star of Nathan for You and held a news conference on Monday, deadpanning to the crowd that he had always wanted to own a business. Dumb Starbucks will reportedly be used as a bit on Nathan For You.

When asked whether Comedy Central had known about the parody beforehand, Fielder said "Oh, they do now."

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