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Dumb Starbucks doesn't make the L.A. health department laugh

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Dumb Starbucks is no more. The pop-up parody restaurant of Starbucks created by Comedy Central comic Nathan Fielder has shut, according to a Feb. 11 report by USA Today.

Fielder stars in the comedy series "Nathan For You." He announced that he opened up the parody shop to shoot a segment for his reality show.

The comedian tried to play off the joke but failed. He acted like an innocent businessman trying to keep his shop open. He could no longer keep the secret to himself.

Comedy Central wasn't aware of a Dumb Starbucks opening up in Los Angeles. Fielder said, "They weren't. But they are now."

Fielder was planning to open a second Dumb Starbucks in Brooklyn, NY next week. He was hoping that the Los Feliz location would stay "open forever."

This coffee chain was swarmed with customers lining up for free coffee and pastries. Reportedly 300 people were standing outside of the restaurant on Monday. They waited two and half hours to get their free food.

It looks like the joke is on him. A local health department arrived and told him to stop serving coffee. The Los Angeles Health Department then closed Dumb Starbucks for operating without a license.