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'Dumb as a rock' Nancy Pelosi calls Africa a 'country,' deletes tweet

"Dumb as a rock" Nancy Pelosi calls Africa a country.
"Dumb as a rock" Nancy Pelosi calls Africa a country.
Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images

On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat recently called "dumb as a rock" by retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, issued a tweet referring to Africa as a country, Twitchy said. Pelosi, perhaps recognizing her mistake, deleted the message, but not before it was captured by a number of people.

"Honored to join my colleagues & @OfficialCBC at #USAfrica Leaders Summit to discuss the valuable relationship between our two countries," she wrote. There's only one problem, as many on Twitter pointed out. Africa is a continent, not a single country.

"Okay, unlike Biden's minor slip-up, this is a legit gaffe," said T. Becket Adams. "Dear @NancyPelosi, Africa is not a country … you dingus."

"I think she and Biden copied the talking points into their Twitter feeds," one person added. While speaking at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum this week, Vice President Joe Biden made the same mistake, referring to Africa as a country twice instead of a continent.

“There is no reason the nation of Africa cannot, and should not, join the ranks of the worlds most prosperous nations,” Biden said. Conservatives across the country pounced on his gaffe, recalling how liberals ridicule Sarah Palin for allegedly being "dumb."

"In 24 hrs both Joe Biden & Nancy Pelosi referred to Africa as a 'nation,'" one person said on Twitter. "Is this a great country or what? You can get to the top ignorant!"

Recently, conservative author and comedian Evan Sayet explained why liberals like Pelosi and Biden rise to the top of their professions despite being "stupid." According to Sayet, liberals succeed because they choose professions that don't require them to actually do anything.

"They don't build, they don't make, they don't construct, they don't manufacture, they don't prepare, they don't sow, they don't mend," he said. "Every single profession that we associate with liberalism is all talk, but no action, and the thing is when you don't 'do anything,' you don't know what you're talking about."

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