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‘Dumb and Dumber To’ trailer hits YouTube

Last year brought us the return of Ron Burgundy with “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” but this year reunites us with Lloyd and Harry. Jimmy Fallon premiered the “Dumb and Dumber To” trailer on “The Tonight Show” and released it to YouTube Tuesday night and it has amassed an impressive number of views thus far.

The original “Dumb and Dumber” which took in nearly $250 million worldwide and spawned a not so popular prequel was released in December of 1994. It has been described by Variety as “A flat-out celebration of stupidity, bodily functions and pratfalls.” The sequel brings back the Farrelly brothers as writers and directors and with it the hope that the film has some of the original comedic genius that was missing from the prequel.

Based on the YouTube traffic of the trailer the sequel appears to be welcomed by fans. Whether they love it or hate it the current tally of views is nearly 3.1 million in the less than 24 hours since its debut.

The trailer begins with Lloyd pranking Harry into thinking he was in a catatonic state for the last 20 years and then follows the two loveable idiots in their pursuit of Harry’s long lost daughter and her kidney, who could also very well be the love of Lloyd’s life. With familiar catch phrases, unbelievable idiocy and crude humor often found in Farrelly brother movies audiences should flock to theaters to catch up with Lloyd and Harry.

The debate has already begun on the just under three minute trailer which has been met with mixed reviews. Those looking forward to the sequel are calling it “Awesome” and eagerly awaiting the release; “They're backkk! Can't wait!” Others are disappointed and see it headed “Straight to dvd”. Audiences will have to wait five months to find out who is right, the sequel is scheduled for release on November 14.

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