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Dulce María releases her cover of Coti's 'Antes Que Ver El Sol'

Mexican pop singer Dulce María released her new single "Antes Que Ver El Sol" on Tuesday. She tackles a classic track by Argentine singer-songwriter Coti.

Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria

"Antes Que Ver El Sol" ("Before seeing the sun") is Dulce María's latest single since last year's Spanish pop ballad "Lágrimas" ("Tears"). The ex-RBD singer covers a song by Coti from his 2002 self-titled album.

Coti's Spanish rock track is turned into a poppier affair with Dulce's sweet vocals. "Antes que ver el sol prefiero escuchar tu voz," she sings over some light accordion and guitar. Dulce basks in the sunny production of "Antes Que Ver El Sol" and she rises to the feel good occasion.

Dulce also released the lyric video for "Antes Que Ver El Sol" today. She and an on-screen love interest hit the open road together as the track's words flash across the screen. The "Antes Que Ver El Sol" single is now available on iTunes.

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