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Dulce María finds love on the road in 'Antes Que Ver El Sol' music video

Mexican pop singer Dulce María premiered the music video for her latest single "Antes Que Ver El Sol" on Monday. The ex-RBD member finds love on the road in the cinematic clip.

Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria

Dulce released the track "Antes Que Ver El Sol" ("Before seeing the sun") last month as a single from her upcoming album "Sin Fronteras" ("Without Borders"). She puts a pop twist on the classic rock track by Argentine singer-songwriter Coti.

In the music video for "Antes Que Ver El Sol," Dulce hitchhikes across an arid desert. She makes her way to the side of the road and gets picked up by an on-screen beau. The two lovebirds cruise in a vintage car and embrace the open highway. Things really heat up by the end when they get cozy in the bedroom. Dulce manages to capture the feel good vibes behind "Antes Que Ver El Sol" in her exhilarating clip.

Dulce previously previewed her album "Sin Fronteras" with the Spanish pop ballad "Lágrimas" ("Tears"). The new record will be released later this year.

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