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Duggar family spends $36,000 a year on food? '19 Kids and Counting' shocks fans

Jim Bob Duggar spends $36,000 a year to feed his family
Jim Bob Duggar spends $36,000 a year to feed his family
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Duggar family has a big pantry, several refrigerators and no doubt a couple of freezers. The popular reality show stars of “19 Kids and Counting” are looking at a fairly substantial food every month and they don’t seem to mind. So how much does Duggar family pay for groceries? According to Radar Online on Friday, the family forks over $3,000 a month for food.

Watching the popular TLC show, the viewers immediately notice that the family eats on paper plates. With so many mouths to feed, the idea of using disposable plates and utensils seems to make sense, but the family doesn't skimp when it comes to food. Plenty of delicious food, which also appears to be healthy, is seen on the show too. Apparently it takes quite a bit of effort to keep everyone fed, but the family knows it is worth it.

Looking for bargains, Michelle Duggar explained in her official TLC blog how they find deals for the family budget. Shopping at discount grocery stores, warehouse clubs and co-ops, the family buys mostly in bulk to get the best deal. Once a month the grocery shopping consists of staples like butter, cereal and grains and then the extra shopping consists of fresh produce.

Another way the family cuts corners is on other non-perishable items. The family doesn't mind looking for deals and will wait to find used items before picking up new stuff. Furniture, clothing and even vehicles are all purchased used to save cash.

While most of the viewers of “19 Kids and Counting” can relate to saving cash by buying in bulk, people are still surprised to hear that the family spends $3,000 a month in food. It seems like a lot of cash for a family just for food, but then again the family has over 20 mouths to feed on any given day so they need to have plenty of food around for breakfast, lunch and dinner.