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Duggar family heads to Texas; Jim Bob, Michelle speak at ATI Family Conference

Duggar family headed to Texas
Duggar family headed to Texas
Photo by Andrew Burton

The Duggar family packed up the bus and headed to Big Sandy, Texas for the 2014 ATI Family Conference. While the family members might be reality stars from “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC, they are also well-known speakers who hit the road to share details about their life and faith with other families. According to the official Duggar family blog on Thursday, the family attended the annual conference with the kids to check out the homeschooling portion of the program.

Sharing different shots of the family on vacation and with other conference goers, it appeared the kids had a great time mingling getting to take a journey outside of their home. With all the family coming to Texas, even Josh and Anna Duggar flew down to be with the rest of the family. Since the conference was several hundred miles away, the family appeared to have taken their bus on the journey to accommodate the family’s transportation needs.

According to the ATI family conference website both Jim Bob and Michelle spoke at the conference. Sharing how faith impacts the decisions they make in everyday life, the reality stars offered a heartfelt program to those participants who wanted to know more about how the family dynamics work within their home. The program also states that the Duggars will be speaking at other ATI conferences including the upcoming events in Nashville and Sacramento.

While the family is admired from a distance by reality star viewers, it seems that those folks who have similar lifestyles like the Duggar family are offered an up close and personal look at how this family lives. It is an interesting thought as most viewers don’t realize the reality show family actually goes on speaking engagements.

The Duggars can be seen every Tuesday night on “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC. Hopefully the cameras will be allowed to show the Duggar family at a conference in the very near future.