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Duggar daughters men: Duggar daughters' physical desires discussed in new book

One of the Duggar girls
One of the Duggar girls
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Duggar daughters know that men are temptations -- but they say that they have learned to control their desires. On March 5, Radar Online highlighted some quotes from the Duggar's new book, "Growing Up Duggar." Raised in a very religious household, the Duggar girls know that they aren't to have sex before marriage and that the "dating process" is far from "normal" for them -- and that's one thing they talk about in the book.

"God has created us to have a natural physical desire toward men. When these feelings arise, we thank God for making us 'normal.' … But during our single years, this physical attraction, if not carefully controlled, can also be one of the biggest sources of temptation and struggles," the book reads (via Radar Online).

The Duggar daughters say they avoid men because it's just easier that way. How can you give in to temptation if you don't surround yourself with it? For them, it's as simple as that. Evidently they understand that one night of pleasure and fun isn't worth losing themselves over. That might be great when you're, say, 15-years-old, but what happens when you're 20? Well the Duggar girls begin the courting process when they are "of age."

Other topics discussed in the book include eating disorders, anger problems, and all kinds of other juicy details that some people will love to read about. Will you be purchasing "Growing Up Duggar"?

Will the Duggar daughters all find good men after spending so much time doing things the right way? Only time will tell.

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