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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 announced with trailer

I dunno what he's thinking but I know it rhymes with "wecapitation."
I dunno what he's thinking but I know it rhymes with "wecapitation."

Amid all the news about Journey into Nyx and its imminent release, it's easy to forget the Magic products that are coming very soon after. One of them is Magic 2015, of course, and this year's core set has a surprise element in an apparently still curse-bearing Garruk - quite possibly the first black-green planeswalker and second multicolor planeswalker in a core set ever.

The Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 trailer, just released on the IGN YouTube Channel, effectively confirms a black-green Garruk in the set. The minimalist video, which has no dialogue, begins with Garruk walking a path through a woodland and leaving gray mists and blackened flora in his wake - a sign of the hold the Curse of the Chain Veil still has over his life. An anonymous planeswalker then shoots an elk with an energy arrow, and prepares to inspect his kill - but is then ambushed by Garruk, who kills the 'walker and takes his reflective mask for a trophy. Throughout, and in other pictures we have of him associated with the set, Garruk's eyes glow purple, which is more or less the universal sign in Magic art that someone is using black mana.

The tagline "Hunt Bigger Game" suggests that the enraged, tormented Garruk is now taking to killing planeswalkers as practice for when he gets to confront Liliana again, and all of this also means that Nissa is likely to be the monogreen planeswalker of Magic 2015.