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Dudley Taft returns with another fine batch of tunes

Dudley Taft - Screaming In The Wind
Dudley Taft

Somewhere between hard rock and dirty blues lies the music of Mr. Dudley Taft. His guitar driven tunes harness the soul of classic bluesmen that toiled in relative obscurity and the hard thumping rock that was so prevalent during the 1970’s. Finding a happy medium is what he does best as he churns out tunes that sooths your ears and rattles your bones.

Wasting little time, Taft has returned with Screaming In The Wind which is loaded with more of what he does best. He opens the album with a classic rocker, "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues", dominated by a mix of guitars and Taft’s gravelly voice as he sings about hard times. The soulful “Pack It Up”, ( a Freddie King song) complete with horns and keyboard, takes the album into a slightly funkier direction as he sings about ridding himself of a woman. Metal undertones and thunderous drums infuse “Red Line” before exploding into a Texas blues sound. This may be where Taft is at his best, when he opens things up and throws caution to the wind. His versatility is what makes this record a pleasure to listen to. He can capture any sound and make it sound good, the soul soaked “The Reason Why”, the nasty blues of “Screaming In The Wind” or the smooth “3DHD” all sound damn good. Even the mellow “Barrio” with Taft doing his best crooning sounds good even if it is out of left field.

Taft is a good example of the good music that is out there if you just look for it and stop accepting what the mass media markets offer up. Screaming In The Wind shows every side of his musical abilities while holding together as one entity. You get something different with each track and the album never loses continuity. If you dig rock, blues, soul or just good music then give this record a listen.

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