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Dudley Media Group Phone Scam Revealed

( -- March 15, 2014) Las Vegas, NV -- Scams are everywhere, and the Dudley Media Group reports on how cell phone scams are costing consumers a fortune. The recent article by Becca Rose states, “In a recent cell phone scam criminals who thrive off of being a scam artist have figured out an alternative way by which they can acquire their victim’s hard earned money and vital information. This new scam is called, “one ring scam,” where the victim will receive a call from another state or country and the phone will only ring once revealing that the receiver has a missed call.”

The Dudley Media Group cell phone scam report states that this type of cell phone scam is very effective, because statistics show that people have the habit to return missed phone calls even when they don’t recognize the number. “This returned phone call might end up costing the caller...

Read the rest of this Dudley Media Group phone scam press release here.

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