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Dudley Media Group Covers Twitter Announcement on New Feed Ads

( -- April 8, 2014) Las Vegas, Nevada -- On April 6, 2014 Johnathan Parkinson, Dudley Media Group's trending topics author reported on Twitter's new policy of adding 15 ads in the Twitter feeds. Johnathan writes, "Well we knew this was bound to happen sometime, although most of us put it in the back of our minds and thought that if we didn't think/mention it, that it might not happen. Wrong. Twitter has announced that they will be dropping 15, yes 15! new kinds of ad’s that will be on both mobile and desktop versions of their social media platform."

Twitter announced that these new ads will be showing up in the Twitter feeds over the next 6 months, begging the question why they did not wait and announce each new ad as it was released. The news article published by the Dudley Media Group continues by stating, "Though Twitter is one of the top 3 social media sites around the world (Facebook and G+ are the other two), there earnings is not nearly as beneficial to them as the other social media platforms. Google has mastered the advertising game as they were one of the first to really jump head first into making that one of the main sources of income for the giant tech company, Facebook has also gained huge financial gains through using advertising programs, and also ones for small individual users."

Twitter users frustration levels may rapidly...

Read the rest of this Dudley Media Group Twitter press release for more on these new Twitter ads.

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