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‘Ducks Dynasty’ updates Mia Robertson’s condition after surgery: ‘Mia is home'

The “Duck Dynasty” fans have kept their ear to the ground over the New Year’s Holiday trying to find out every detail they can about the reality TV family. While the show won’t be on air with new episodes for a few more weeks, the fans are responding to Mia Robertson’s surgery. The daughter of Jase and Missy Robertson was in the hospital on Friday and has already come home. According to Missy Robertson on Saturday, the child is recovering and already has an appetite.

“Mia is home and resting well. Already had 2 helpings of homemade spaghetti sauce, diluted and blended, but still tasty. #MissKaysRecipe #Mmm,” tweeted Missy Robertson from her official Twitter account. After having a child in the hospital, the reality show mom still seemed to find time to let the fans know what the current status is of the situation.

Mia Robertson’s surgery was a success according to her dad, Jase Robertson. The child was surrounded by family before the operation and she is still being treasured even after coming home. Offering support and kindness the Robertson family has shown why this reality TV family is loved as what you see on television is exactly what is done in real life.

The overwhelming support of the “Duck Dynasty” fans has everyone recognizing that the fans base of this reality show is solid. When Phil Robertson's remarks during an interview caused an advertiser uproar - Duck Dynasty cast and fans formed a solid union. People love this show, and feel a part of the family. From the minute people found out that Mia Robertson was going into surgery they started connecting with the family. With messages of hope and offering prayer, the people who enjoy watching the Robertson’s on television support the family off screen too.

Now that Mia Robertson is home. Fans can only hope the little girl heals quickly and feels better soon.

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