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Duck poop brawl: Man attacks neighbor who reprimanded him for feeding ducks

Florida neighbors get into a brawl over feeding ducks.
Florida neighbors get into a brawl over feeding ducks.
Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images

A fight between two neighbors over feeding a family of ducks lands one neighbor in a hospital and the other in jail. It seems that a family of Muscovy ducks are hanging around the neighborhood, and one neighbor was throwing out bread for the mother duck and her ducklings, according to “Fox and Friends” live Tuesday May 13.

The incident happened at about 4 p.m. on Sunday when one neighbor witnessed the other neighbor feeding the ducks in a Davie, Florida mobile home park. The neighbor started to argue with the duck feeding animal lover that he shouldn’t be feeding the ducks. This is when 55-year-old Quinten Putnam had enough of his neighbor, who had a tendency to harp on his duck feeding, and he ran across the yard and tackled him, according to the Sun Sentinel News on May 12.

The neighbor who doesn’t like the ducks being fed is older than 65, according to court documents, but his name was not released. Putnam tackled his elderly neighbor to the ground and struck him several times about the face and chest. Before leaving his neighbor, who was still on the ground, Putnam kicked him on his side, according to police reports.

The Park City West mobile home community has both a lake and a canal, so ducks show up often. The Muscovy ducks are not native to the state, but they’ve had mallard ducks do the same thing from time to time. The president of the mobile home park association said that there is no ban on feeding ducks in the park, according to WSVN. Com News 7 today.

Unfortunately when residents feed the ducks they hang around looking for food and they leave droppings everywhere. This is what Putnam’s neighbor was apparently upset about, the droppings. It appears that Putnam decided he’d silence his neighbor by tackling him to the ground and hitting him a few times.

The elderly neighbor was taken to the hospital where he received staples in his head. Putnam went to court and the judge told him to stop feeding the ducks. The judge changed his mind however, when Putnam told him the ducks he was feeding was a mother duck and her baby ducklings. The judge then said, OK, because he too was an animal lover.

The judge also told Putnam, who had a large bandage on his head, to stay 50 feet away from the neighbor that he tackled. He made his first appearance court on Monday and Broward County Judge John "Jay" Hurley ordered a $1,500 bond for Putnam. He was charged with battery on a person 65 years of age or older, which is a felony offense.

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