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'Duck Dynasty' Uncle Si scarecrow was stolen and burned in Georgia

A scarecrow designed to look just like Uncle Si Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" was stolen from an elementary school and burned. The Cherokee Tribune reported on Oct. 23, 2013, that an arrest has been made. A Georgia teenager was responsible for destroying the Halloween scarecrow.

'Duck Dynasty' Uncle Si scarecrow was stolen and burned in Georgia
Fox News

The "Duck Dynasty" Halloween scarecrow was created by a group of mothers as an entry into a local scarecrow contest. The parents said that the scarecrow took over 40 hours to make and they plan on remaking the Uncle Si Robertson scarecrow in time for Halloween.

The teenager who stole the scarecrow is sorry for what he did and he burned it just to get rid of it. The mom's who made the scarecrow said, “We were kind of upset, the main reason we had done ‘Duck Dynasty’ was because of the background and their beliefs and we truly believe in them, and as a community we have to forgive."

Doug Knott, the principal of Ball Ground Elementary School, said the scarecrow will be missed. “Long before Uncle Si’s disappearance and unfortunate demise, the Ball Ground community and all those who travel through the city had grown fond of this very life-like creation of this very popular figure from ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame."

If the thief is convicted in court, the person who tipped police off to the location of the missing scarecrow, could receive a $1,000 reward.