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‘Duck Dynasty’ star less popular? Phil Robertson’s rough words impact TV show

Phil Robertson is a speaker at the Republican Leadership Conference
Photo by Sarah Glenn

The fans of “Duck Dynasty” loved the Robertson family when they got together on reality TV and shared the happenings of their lives. From making duck calls to hunting, the viewers were enthusiastic at all the excitement of the Louisiana family. There seemed to be a big push of merchandise, philosophy and even religious thoughts that came with the family and it was appreciated. However, the tide might be changing for the family’s top man, Phil Robertson. According to MSNBC on Tuesday, several faculty members and some students walked out on Louisiana Tech’s commencement ceremony in protest of the honored guest.

Phil Robertson was in the middle of a controversy last year when his rough words about homosexuality offended a lot of people. Even though he was temporarily suspended from "Duck Dynasty," the reality star weathered the storm and the show is set to premiere a new season in less than two weeks.

However, his words won’t be forgotten by his critics next week when he talks at the upcoming Republican Leadership Conference. According to the Washington Post on Tuesday, the star will be one of the first guests of the conference and will offer his thoughts surrounding issues.

While the fans of “Duck Dynasty” were hoping the star would ease up on his personal beliefs and go back to what the show is about, the star has gotten even more vocal about his views on gays and people he calls “homosexual offenders.” The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the star has continued on his path and once again offered up some disparaging remarks even as recent as a week ago in a church sermon

The fans of “Duck Dynasty” are going to be making a choice very soon when it comes to the reality show. Will they continue to support the show and the rough words the patriarch continues to offer or stop watching? It’s doubtful this season will have record numbers as fans are quietly bailing after all the remarks, but A&E will know the results after the season premiere ratings of the show are released.

“Duck Dynasty” season 6 premiere debuts on June 11.

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