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'Duck Dynasty' spoilers for season 5: Preview teases new family members on cast

Some of the 'Duck Dynasty' family
Some of the 'Duck Dynasty' family
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

Duck Dynasty” season 5 premieres in just a few days, and on Jan. 8 the show's Facebook page teased fans with a big preview. What lies ahead in the new episodes?

Season 5 of “Duck Dynasty” was filmed a while back, so don't expect to get any hints of the drama that recently unfolded after Phil Robertson's GQ interview. Instead it seems the new episodes will be more of what fans already love about the show: family, fun, love and conservative values.

By the looks of the “Duck Dynasty” spoiler preview for season 5, there will be some new faces again this season. Rebecca Robertson is the newest addition to Willie and Korie's family, and it looks like viewers will get to see quite a bit of her this season. The preview also teases another addition to the show, but who that is remains under wraps for now it seems. The rest of the family seems to be embracing the humor and charm that has gotten them where they are today.

Many are curious to see just what happens with the ratings as “Duck Dynasty” season 5 airs on A&E. There are fans threatening to boycott A&E over their earlier suspension of Phil Robertson, even though things have been smoothed over between the network and the family. Will fans really stay away? Many would imagine that the draw to watch more of the Robertson family will be too strong for long-time fans to resist.

“Duck Dynasty” season 5 premieres on A&E Wednesday, Jan. 15.