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‘Duck Dynasty’ season finale worries fans: Is series ending with birthday show?

Duck Dynasty fans wonder if the series will continue
Duck Dynasty fans wonder if the series will continue
Photo by Larry Busacca

Duck Dynasty” fans are wondering what will happen to the show after the season finale airs on Wednesday night. There has been a question on further episodes over the past few weeks and viewers are hoping it won’t be the last time the reality show family will be seen on TV. According to the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday during the season finale, the plan is to celebrate Willie's birthday with a trip to the lake where Kay and Phil used to live, but the women discover a raccoon has taken up residence in the lake house.

While the show offers up wholesome fun, what has some people worried is what the future brings. The site Web Pro News is reporting that the “Duck Dynasty” cast is still making deals to use the registered trademarks from the show. Offering up a new line of tires and hot sauce, it seems the licensing business is still going strong and people are still buying anything and everything with the words “Duck Dynasty.”

It the Iowa State Fair show is any indication of the declining popularity of the Robertson family, then fans should be prepared for the show to be put on hiatus or pulled altogether. The Des Moines Register reported that the Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson, his wife, Korie, and his uncle, Si, kept it simple at their State Fair debut, but there was no Phil Robertson in sight. And there was no merchandise either. Some fans were disappointed at how simple the show was as people were expecting a lot more than what they got. In fairness, not everyone can get an autograph so some fair goers might have been disappointed for things they couldn't have in the first place.

Phil Robertson’s declarations of faith and how he views gays has impacted the way that America views the show. The fans of the show will never waver, but it appears that not everyone returned to this season leaving executives wondering what will happen next to “Duck Dynasty.”