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'Duck Dynasty' season 5: Who is Rebecca Robertson?

Rebecca Robertson will show up on 'Duck Dynasty' season 5
Rebecca Robertson will show up on 'Duck Dynasty' season 5
Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Season 5 of “Duck Dynasty” premieres Wednesday on A&E, and there will be some new faces in the mix. While one new cast member apparently remains a mystery for now, Rebecca Robertson was featured prominently in the “Duck Dynasty” spoiler preview. Who is Rebecca? On Jan. 12 the Christian Post shared the scoop.

Rebecca Robertson hasn't been seen on “Duck Dynasty” until now, so fans are anxious to learn more about her. Rebecca is Willie and Korie's daughter, but it is a bit more complicated than that in terms of history. Fans already know that Korie and Willie Robertson adopted their son Will as an infant. As it happens, Rebecca joined the family via adoption as well, though in a less formal way.

The newest member of the Robertson family came to the group first as an exchange student from Taiwan. Later Willie and Korie officially became her foster parents, and they now refer to her as one of their children. Rebecca joins Sadie, Bella, John and Will as the Robertson kids. Rebecca is 24-years-old and is returning to the Robertson family after spending some time in Los Angeles.

Sadie Robertson is already known for her interest in fashion, but it's clear Rebecca Robertson shares a passion for clothing as well. Rebecca and mom Korie have opened up the boutique Duck & Dressing together, and Rebecca has been getting the boutique's blog and website up and running.

Fans can't wait to get to know Rebecca Robertson this season, and it all begins Wednesday night. Season 5 of “Duck Dynasty” premieres on A&E Jan. 15.