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'Duck Dynasty' season 5 preview video: 2 new cast members join Robertson family

“Duck Dynasty” premieres season 5 tonight and after the papa Phil scandal blew through a few weeks back, folks who have never seen this show might tune in to see how this red-neck family really function. If they do they should prepare to laugh at the clean and family oriented fun that the “Duck Dynasty “folks supply!

"Duck Dynasty" returns with season 5 tonight: 2 new cast members join Robertsons.
Duck Dynasty promo from A&E

According to Fox News on Jan. 15, while fans are happy to see the entire family back, they never really left as A&E aired the reruns of season’s past faithfully during between-season hiatus. While Phil’s suspension was highly publicized when A&E first announced this, he never missed a show, so it is business as usual for the Robertson family.

Tonight's episode opens to Si getting sick and asking Miss Kay to take care of him and Rebbecca returns home from her internship. The episode for the season opener is called "Boomerang Becca."

Two new cast members are promised for season 5 and while one of them will be Rebecca Robertson, “who will be prominent” in this new season, the other one is a surprise. Spoilers suggest that it is Korie’s cousin JD, who Korie wants hired as Willie’s new assistant. This should make for some strange family dynamics if Willie does take on an assistant.

When Korie insists on Willie interviewing JD, he is resistant, but once meeting him he likes him. Apparently he gets Willies bizarre sense of humor. The big test is winning over the boys banging out the duck calls in the next room. Willie has been known to antagonize the folks working under him, so throwing Willie’s assistant into the mix might make for some uncomfortable moments.

If the guys get a sense that this new assistant finds Willie funny and see him laugh at his jokes, this could act as friction to the folks working under Willie. This should offer up some entertaining moments on the new season of “Duck Dynasty.” The Robertson clan returns tonight, Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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