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'Duck Dynasty' scarecrow: Teen arrested for torching Uncle Si replica

'Duck Dynasty' scarecrow: Teen arrested for torching Uncle Si replica
'Duck Dynasty' scarecrow: Teen arrested for torching Uncle Si replica
Leon Halip/Getty Images

A "Duck Dynasty" scarecrow replica of Uncle Si was stolen and torched by a teenager. An unidentified Georgia teen was arrested in connection with the incident and released to his parents. According to People on October 23, the 16-year-old boy admitted to taking the scarecrow.

After the Si scarecrow was reported missing last week, neighbors spotted it sitting on a house porch at a nearby community.

The "Duck Dynasty" scarecrow was part of a contest to raise money for local Ball Ground Elementary School. A $1,000 reward was offered for information leading to its return. It is believed that the scarecrow was torched to destroy evidence of the theft.

The missing "Duck Dynasty" scarecrow generated a ton of interest nationally due to the show's popularity. Apparently the teen is sorry for his actions and the community will be working to make a replacement scarecrow. The original took over 40 hours of work and looked very convincing.

It is truly sad that the boy committed such a public crime at such a young age. This is sure to haunt him for some time to come. If he is truly sorry he will join in and help to rebuild the scarecrow and try to make things right.

What do you think about the "Duck Dynasty" scarecrow story? Please drop in your comments below.

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