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Kay Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' reveals '60s love child before marrying Phil

'Duck Dynasty' matriarch Kay Robertson reveals her first son Alan was born out of wedlock!
'Duck Dynasty' matriarch Kay Robertson reveals her first son Alan was born out of wedlock!
Duck Dynasty /A&E

'The “Duck Dynasty” matriarch, Miss Kay Robertson, offered up a bit of news that happened decades ago. She recently shared that while she’s been in love with Phil for 50 years, the two weren’t married at the time their first son Alan was born, according to Us Magazine on July 1. It was the decade of the '60s when the term 'love child' ran rampant!

Alan, who is the oldest Robertson boy, was born out of wedlock, which really doesn’t mean a thing today unless your religion dictates so and this is the angle that Miss Kay is looking at today. She said that she committed herself to Phil in front of God before Alan was born, but the legal papers for a marriage didn’t happen until much later on, according to MSN Wonderwall.

Phil and Kay were married on April 11, 1968, which was after Alan came into the world. Kay had not revealed this little known fact before outside of her church, but she somehow had the need to do so today. Alan quipped, “Yeah, I would bet the B (bastard) of the family!”

Even without being legally married Kay said, “My heart and my vow to God was true from the first day.” Kay is as much in love with Phil today as she ever was during their half of a century together. She said that she “loves that he’s a man’s man and a take-charge guy.”

Kay and Phil have four boys that now make up the “Duck Dynasty” clan on the reality show. Alan, Jase, Willie and Jep. Alan was the last of their sons to jump on board the “Duck Dynasty” reality show train. Kay, who is 66 and 68-year-old Phil are not only husband and wife, but best friends too.

Kay said that people don’t know the “gentle and good” that makes up who Phil is today. He is kind and loving and she can’t tell you how many times he has made her breakfast in bed.

For one thing Kay and Phil did their son’s spouses a favor long before their kids ever met them. They have modeled an ideal marriage for their boys and it looks as if each one of their sons sought out the same type of love and respect in a relationship for themselves when they married.

It makes no difference that Kay and Phil had Alan before they were legally married, as the family they created is steeped deep in respect and love. That is something a piece of paper saying you are married can never do!

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