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'Duck Dynasty' recap: Willie Robertson takes Karate lesson

"Duck Dynasty" fans were treated to a double dose of the Robertson family on Wednesday night. Two episodes aired, and out of the hour, there were a few funny scenes. "Duck Dynasty" has lost a bit of its punch, and their ratings have dropped some, although they are still faring much better than just about any other comedy or reality show that's been on television for this long. One of the funnier segments was when Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson attempted to take a Karate lesson with his daughter, Bella.

Willie Robertson on 'Hannity Show.'
Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Willie Robertson has always presented himself as something of an expert on Japanese fighting arts, complete with some kind of "Ninja" voice that he uses. It was funny to see him exchange comments with the owner of the Karate school, who he insisted on addressing as "Bob." Bob kept reminding him that he was to address him as "Sensei." Willie and Korie were at this class while the other guys were busy trying to blow up a beaver dam on the Robertson property.

And, for those true-blue "Duck Dynasty" fans who love the scenes where they blow up things, they surely did blow up stuff in this week's episode. There was a huge explosion that involved Si's homemade napalm, dynamite and flaming arrows. They were truly playing to their fan base here!

The first episode of the night was so lame that the prognosis for the hour was glum. There was a wilderness competition between the four Robertson brothers who were paired off in teams. Willie and Jase were together and Jep and Alan, the older, beardless brother, formed a team. Jep and Alan won the contest by getting back to Phil's house first. It was so boring that it's difficult to recall very much about this first episode. It was almost in slow motion. The second segment picked up a bit.

According to the Inquisitr, the show will be going on location to Scotland to find the family's Scottish roots. The family was spotted at the Inverkeithing Highland Games with filming crew in tow last Saturday. This reminds us of another long-running show about country folk called "The Beverly Hillbillies," which filmed much of one of its later seasons in England. (Do you remember "Fabersham"? It was the Butler's name, and, since he was always saying it to them, they thought that was a British greeting. So, they said, "Fabersham" to everyone. )

Hopefully, “Duck Dynasty” will continue to provide wholesome entertainment for a long time, just like “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Of course, the show will need to bring in some fresh, new material, but it is important that they don’t overlook how much people love the plain, old “Duck Dynasty” flavor. The best part is always the guys sitting in the duck call room just being themselves.

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