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'Duck Dynasty': Rebecca Robertson is 'Duck and Dressing'

Rebecca Lo (Robertson) is behind Duck and Dressing fashion venture
Rebecca Lo (Robertson) is behind Duck and Dressing fashion venture
Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

"Duck Dynasty" fans may have noticed the Robertson women tweeting about "Duck and Dressing," a new fashion boutique in West Monroe, Louisiana. The Jan. 14 season premiere of "Duck Dynasty" shed some light on exactly who is behind the new fashion venture. Rebecca Robertson, Willie and Korie Robertson's adoptive daughter, made her debut appearance on the show. "Duck and Dressing" is the brainchild of Rebecca and her adoptive mother Korie.

The new episode featured Rebecca returning to West Monroe, La., after a fashion internship in Los Angeles. She had a plan for a fashion business right there in town. In the storyline, Willie was most afraid that she was coming home to stay and becoming a “boomerang kid.”

Willie and Korie first entertained Rebecca as an exchange student from Taiwan around 10 years ago. They later received her as a foster child and eventually adopted her. You can read more about Rebecca Lo Robertson in a Jan 15 article by Hollywood

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