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'Duck Dynasty' ratings drop due to bad press?

"Duck Dynasty" is back for a new season but ratings have taken a nosedive. On Jan. 17, the New York Daily News reported that the season 5 premiere of "Duck Dynasty" took a 33 percent drop in ratings over the previous season.

Roughly 8.5 million viewers tuned in for the premiere episode. This is down from 12 million who tuned in to watch the season premiere of season 4 just last year.

Now people are asking if this drastic drop in ratings is due to the controversy surrounding "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson. The controversy started when Robertson made anti-gay and racially insensitive comments in an interview with GQ magazine.

The backlash of that GQ interview included a very short-lived suspension from appearing on the "Duck Dynasty" reality show. Additionally, Phil Robertson merchandise was pulled from the shelves in Cracker Barrel restaurants for an even shorter time.

Fans of the show voiced their disappointment over A&E's decision to remove the reality star. On top of that, Roberton's family have refused to continue the show without him.

In any case, Robertson has been reinstated and the show has gone on. It remains to be seen if ratings will increase as the season moves forward.

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