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‘Duck Dynasty’ offers hilarious duck blind idea? Robertson build cow blind

Cow Blind! a Cow Blind? Duck Dynasty Genius at work
Cow Blind! a Cow Blind? Duck Dynasty Genius at work
Duck Dynasty / Facebook

A duck blind made to look like a real cow? “Duck Dynasty” fans got to see the Robertson brothers betting once again. The highly competitive siblings always seem to take it to a higher level anytime they try to be better than the other. According to the official Facebook of the “Duck Dynasty” it is the most bizarre duck blind the Robertson family has ever made, but it works. According to the Washington Post on Tuesday, the cable show is almost always in the top 10 cable shows on television as the fans love watching.

“A cow blind? Best idea ever,” the family wrote on the “Duck Dynasty” Facebook on Monday. Including a picture of the cow blind, the life-sized cow looks real, especially from a distance.

The viewers of “Duck Dynasty” have to be excited about the newest invention of the popular reality show. Sharing how to find a way to make things work in the wild, when Jase brings in the oversized head for the cow, people think he might be losing his mind. However, he probably is one of the most ingenious men in the room as the cow fits four people comfortably and is a perfect blind when duck hunting.

There is only one issue with a duck blind that looks like a cow and fans will quickly see that it is good that birds can’t count. The cow has 12 feet instead of four as the human feet are seen too.