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'Duck Dynasty' news: Get to know new cast member John David

'Duck Dynasty'
'Duck Dynasty'
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Last night on a new episode of "Duck Dynasty" viewers got to meet two new cast members. One of them was Rebecca Robertson and some information had been released about her already. On Jan. 16, viewers also met John David. He is Korie's cousin and she thought he would be perfect for Willie's new assistant.

He came into the interview in flip flops and even though he isn't a Robertson he has a long beard. John David has six years of college and is a finance major. Korie is convinced that he is the perfect match for Willie on the job. The two were laughing a lot and getting along well.

Willie hired him right away and put him straight to work on cleaning up his office and finding him coffee. John David looks like a hilarious addition to this cast. He will fit in perfect. Willie even calls him Johnny D, but it doesn't seem like the two are getting much work done.

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Update: Find out more including about his wife here!