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‘Duck Dynasty’ mocked by Seth Meyers at Emmys

"Duck Dynasty"
"Duck Dynasty"
Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Fans of “Duck Dynasty” had the chance to hear Seth Meyers mention the show in one of his jokes at the Emmys. Parade reports on Monday that Meyers reminded viewers about an old piece of technology that is rarely being used today. His joke about VCRs and the popular show may have been difficult for some younger people to understand.

Meyers stated that the A&E program was “the most VCR taped” while comparing it to several other shows. The joke resonated well with the audience at the Emmys, and some viewers were left wondering how many people still remembered how to use a VCR or had VHS tapes left at home. Although the outdated technology provided a fun memory for the older generation, Meyers was also targeting the fans of the show.

The host of the Emmys may not have been aware that Uncle Si had talked about VCRs in the past on “Duck Dynasty.” As he described Jep’s abilities, he pointed out that he could help record things on a VCR. It was suggested that Uncle Si may have been confused and meant to mention a more modern piece of technology. However, the show’s older generation has a tendency to hang on to many ancient pieces, so he may have an old VCR player.

The cast has tried to help Uncle Si get past the VCR, but it has not been an easy process. For example, he annoyed them with his attempts to film using a digital camera. In another episode, he complained about modern life and toilets. However, he is not the only one on the show who avoids some of the current technology, and Phil Robertson allegedly does not have a cellphone. They may not embrace every new gadget on the market, but they are still able to keep viewers entertained on “Duck Dynasty.”