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'Duck Dynasty' Miss Kay revelation: Star admits son Alan was born out of wedlock

What did 'Duck Dynasty' star Miss Kay reveal about her son Alan?
What did 'Duck Dynasty' star Miss Kay reveal about her son Alan?
Photo by Jason Kempin

Duck Dynasty's” Miss Kay just shared a big confession that will certainly get some fans talking. Us Weekly shared the details on Monday of the big revelation. Just what is it that she shared?

Apparently Miss Kay and Phil Robertson's oldest son Alan was born before the couple was legally married. “Duck Dynasty's” Miss Kay says, “When I made a vow to God and to [Phil], it was March 22, 1964." Though in their minds that is when they made the key commitment to be together, they were not legally wed until April 11, 1968. Alan was born in 1965.

It seems that this is the first time Miss Kay acknowledged these details with the media. However, it's something that has been known all along to her family and to many within her church it appears. Apparently the family even jokes about it, referencing “the pioneer wedding or the regular wedding” when someone asks their anniversary date.

The family has had their ups and downs, most certainly, but “Duck Dynasty's” Miss Kay says, “My heart and my vow to God was true from that first day.” Miss Kay was 16-years-old when she made that vow to her husband Phil Robertson. Fans will remember the family even threw a vow renewal for the couple not long ago on the show.

Will “Duck Dynasty” star Miss Kay's big revelation rankle the show's fans? The family is known for their conservative views, so some would say this revelation may seem a bit hypocritical. However, it seems that fans who love the family and have stood by them all this time aren't about to let this shock them too much. Many would point out that this happened 50 years ago and the family has stuck together through many trials and tribulations. What do you think of “Duck Dynasty's” Miss Kay revelation?