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'Duck Dynasty' Miss Kay news: Reality star admits she had son out of wedlock

Miss Kay Robertson
Miss Kay Robertson
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

Miss Kay Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" is announcing something big that fans didn't know about her. On Monday, US Magazine shared the news that she has her first son out of wedlock. Miss Kay is a good Christian woman and nobody knew this about her but she is now telling her fans the truth.

Kay and Phil have a son named Alan. He is the only one without a beard and he is not seen on the show very often. Miss Kay spoke saying, ""Well, this is the first time I've shared this, aside from giving my testimony [in church]. When I made a vow to God and to [Phil], it was March 22, 1964. It wasn't legal. That's the truth. We didn't do the legal papers until April 11, 1968, after Alan, my oldest, was born. Alan says, 'Yeah, I would be the B [b***ard] in the family.'" She was just 16-years-old when they did what she considered their big wedding day.

She has been in love with Phil forever though. The second that Miss Kay made her vow she felt like she was married to him. They did not have a legal wedding but if you think about it years ago there were no legal marriages. They simply did what Miss Kay and Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" did and it was a marriage.

Miss Kay went on to explain saying, "Now, the family laughs about it. People ask, 'When was your mama's wedding?' and the boys say, 'Which, the pioneer wedding or the regular wedding?'" It is great to know that they can laugh about it and that it isn't a big deal with their family.

Don't miss new episodes of "Duck Dynasty" airing now on A&E. This story will probably never make it on air on the show. It will also not be in Uncle Si's book but it is a great read and you can check it out at this link.