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'Duck Dynasty' is spilling secrets: Miss Kay tells why

Miss Kay Robertson always has a smile, especially when she is with her beloved family.
Miss Kay Robertson always has a smile, especially when she is with her beloved family.
Photo by Jason Kempin

It seems that every few days another Robertson family secret has become public through the latest book, "The Women of Duck Dynasty." Fox News interviewed Kay Robertson, Miss Kay, as she is affectionately known, on Tuesday, May 6, and she ended the interview by explaining why these very personal stories have been coming out. It is not clear whether she actually meant to disclose this information or she did so inadvertently.

Miss Kay explains why the Robertson family of "Duck Dynasty" is telling all
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Miss Kay disclosed to Fox that the Robertson family was told that there were many efforts being made to “dig up dirt” on the famous family, albeit unsuccessfully. During the recent controversy about her husband, Phil Robertson’s, remarks about the Bible’s teaching regarding homosexuality, “Duck Dynasty” became the flag bearer and lightning rod for traditional Christian views on this hot-button issue. At that point, the family began to make a concerted effort to become very transparent about their lives, mistakes and all, in speaking engagements, books, and interviews to get the information out themselves.

The latest story disclosed from the Robertsons' past involves adultery on the part of patriarch Phil Robertson. Huffington Post reported the story of how Miss Kay stayed with Phil, an alcoholic, and forgave him for his cheating after he became a new man through his faith in Jesus Christ. There have been many public admissions regarding Phil Robertson’s riotous, alcohol-driven past life; he even owned a club at one point in their marriage. However, this is the first time that a specific admission of adultery, or cheating, has been mentioned.

Whether this particular story was released to counter someone coming forward to claim a previous relationship with the creator of the famous Duck Commander duck call or not is unknown. What is clear is the level of sincerity detected in Miss Kay’s statements regarding believing in her husband and fighting for her marriage. Her faith in God’s ability to work in their lives is also evident. She doesn’t gloss over the bad parts of the story, but she always has an upbeat, positive faith .

People in the public eye will always have critics, and those who are vocal about their faith usually have even more. What critics of the Robertsons’ brand of Christianity do not often understand is that they do not claim to be perfect. On the contrary, they seem to proudly put their past on display as an exhibit of the proof of forgiveness and the life-changing power of their God.

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