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'Duck Dynasty' guns: Robertson's latest bid to corner duck hunting market

The “Duck Dynasty” family, the Robertson clan, has launched a new line of guns that range from nine shotgun designs to a semiautomatic rifle and a semiautomatic pistol. With duck hunting being the favorite sport of the Robertson brood, the guns are designed to take down ducks, but they are also created to take down bigger game too, according to CNN Money on Jan. 2.

The "Duck Dynasty" boys are in the gun business. They aim to have their fans hunting in the Robertson fashion!
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‘Blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off,’ this is what Phil Robertson wants a gun to do and apparently the new line of guns are just the thing to do this. All this talk about hunting and blowing a mallard's head clean off has to have the animal rights groups taking notice. These guys hunt, but as seen on their reality show, they eat what they shoot. Miss Kay can make any good day of hunting into a great meal for the the Robertson clan.

The “Duck Dynasty” family business, Duck Commander, has teamed up with the gun maker Mossberg to bring this line of guns to the hunting public. Everything the Robertson family touches seems to turn to gold, so chances are the line of guns will do the same. The guns are designed in the “waterfowl pattern” of camouflage and carry the duck in flight which is the Duck Commander logo.

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If that’s not enough to give you the feeling that the Robertson clan had a hand in creating these guns, maybe the American flag bandana will do the trick. The flag bandana is a staple of attire for Willie Robertson and is included with every purchase of the Duck Commander inspired guns.

Take a gander at the "Duck Dynasty" family's new line of guns here from Mossberg.

These guns might not be what you’d expect from this bunch of self-labeled rednecks from Louisiana, but you’d be surprised. One of the rifles and the pistol have “military-style designs with large capacity magazines holding at least 25 rounds.” The rifle has a .22 caliber but it has features of an assault rifle. It looks like Willie and the boys are offering up a sizable line of firearms to bag yourself a duck or any other type of game you hunt.

The Mossberg website where the guns are introduced describes the 11 different guns offered under the Duck Commando name.

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