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'Duck Dynasty' Feb. 19: Vietnam vets definitely got it

The Feb. 19 episode of "Duck Dynasty" had a "secret message" of sorts hidden among the fun that many viewers may not have discovered. However, Si Robertson's seemingly silly paintball prank had a special meaning for his fellow Vietnam era vets and anyone else who has studied the conflict. It was an ingenious method of communicating part of the reality experienced in the jungles on a daily basis by men who were not much older than the Robertson grandchildren at the time.

Uncle Si taught the others a bit about the Vietnam war in what appeared to be a harmless prank.
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

In the midst of a very intense paintball battle within the family, Uncle Si made a point or two indicating that the men don't really know what war is. At some point in the war game, he disappeared. (Reading between the lines, Si Robertson must have felt slightly unsettled to be the only one who could attest to what he had experienced as a young man in Vietnam, a war that left tremendous emotional scars on our returning troops.)

At some point in the heat of battle, the Robertson clan began to hear Si crying pitifully for help. After a little discussion, they paused their paintball game to check on their Uncle Si. They were concerned when they saw the four-wheeler he was driving submerged in a pond. (Of course, it was Phil's four-wheeler.) After much concern about where Si has gone, he appeared unexpectedly and shot them while disguised in brush.

While the paintball players looked quite bewildered, what Uncle Si Robertson just gave them was a crash course on the Vietnam War.

If you don't understand this, it would be great to go ask a Vietnam vet to tell you about it. By way of a very simple explanation, Vietnam soldiers talk most about never knowing who the enemy was. It could have been a little old lady or a small child. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of, and it definitely wasn't a game.

Si Robertson, retired military and veteran of Vietnam, knows this all too well.

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